Christchurch Earthquake

In 2010 and 2011 Christchurch was hit with several significant earthquakes, changing the face of the beautiful Garden City with its amazing heritage buildings forever.

This has been an extremely traumatic and worrying time for so many in Canterbury.  

We saw tragedies in the loss of life, ruined possessions and buildings and so much disruption in all that we called ‘home’.

Then there are the continued  thousands of aftershocks.  Holding your breath thinking “is it going to stop?”  A city with residents on the edge, exhausted and stressed with somewhat of an uncertain future.

We saw heros.  We as a city met our neighbours, and worked together as communities.  Ordeals like this; if they don’t defeat you have a way of building something strong and lasting.  Christchurch is rising from the rubble and ruin – Mainly through the strength of people doing what they are good at and going the extra mile.

Then there is us – XIT.  We did our bit in a way that maybe is less obvious.  We worked long hours to get our Customers’ businesses up and running as fast as humanly possible.  The needs of our Customers’ varied:

  • Several came to us with only a portable Hard Drive.  All their equipment and buildings wrecked.  We were able to retrieve their vital company documents and re-install into new and sometimes old equipment, so that with the internet and a PC they could function again.
  • Then there were those Customers who had wisely chosen before this happened to have Hosted Services on our XIT Cloud Network, who fared much better.  These Customers just needed a Computer and the Internet and they were running again.  In most cases this was within 24 hours of the earthquake. 

What this means is we are set up to host all their vital data.  Backing up daily to our own Servers, then our Servers are backed up in rotation on several backup drives.  That data is taken off site daily.  Over and above that we are linked to the NEXUS Data Centre which backs up all our data daily to Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

One of the advantages of the XIT Cloud is that you can have access to your data anywhere in the world that there is Internet.  It’s that simple.

We all saw the news footage of so many Christchurch businessmen, manhandling Servers; needing to have access to the red zone, all taking months with many fraying tempers.  With the XIT Cloud and our other Hosted Services, this will never again be an issue. 

Many Customers came to us with broken or damaged Laptops, PC’s, and Servers - ranging from water damage, liquefaction damage, crushing and falls.  Where possible we were able to retrieve information and  set up systems to have them running again.  In many cases we did assessments for Insurance Companies and were able to supply the necessary hardware and software.  We helped many people set up in new and temporary locations.

Since this time we have upgraded our ability to cope in times of natural disasters.  This gives our clients even more protection from data loss or loss of income from downtime.  We have a battery backup for all our Servers and Hosted Services.  This kicks in immediately during any power outages; which have potential to leave our clients vulnerable and unable to continue working.  Before that runs out, we have a petrol generator, to give us several days to assess what the needs are and action them.

Businesswise a positive outcome has been that we have built stronger relationships with our existing customer base.  They have come to rely on us and have confidence in our technical ability and know we will work the hours needed to help their businesses in their time of need.  To do whatever it takes to get them running again, and to relieve at least one major stress from their lives.  It has also meant that many more people have come to us through their recommendations.

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