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Network upgrade for a large dental practice

A large dentist was having issues with network permissions / timeouts and data loss.

Solution: Implement and install a Windows 2003 Small Business Server to replace existing Windows XP file server.

We installed correct licensing usage and installed our remote support client: LogMeIn.

Uptime was important to this client, so a migration was planned for the quietest day. All workstations were upgraded to Windows XP Professional and an Anti-virus solution was deployed. Data transfer was done during a lunch period to the new server. Logon scripts had been set up so migration to the new server was smooth, the speed of their applications increased substantially.

Network upgrade for a wool yarn distribution centre

A growing yarn distribution company was limited to permissions that they wanted to apply to their computer system.

Solution:Implement and install a Windows 2003 SBS server to allow complex network permissions.

This client needed a one-stop fix.

Windows 2003 SBS was the ideal solution for upgrading and configuring network permissions, improving remote VPN, internal email system and remote desktop support for their accounting application. The upgrade went very well because they had systems put in place many years ago for centralised data storage and backups.

Events company centralise data and email

This particular client had data everywhere on all computers, making is impossible to have a reliable backup system.

Solution: We implemented a SBS server once again to centralise data. This provided off-line file synchronisation and off-line Outlook. This initially was the selling point of the system upgrade, because this enabled them to communicate with their clients almost anywhere / anytime with a mobile broadband connection.

This solution also provided them with usability for their Macbook and communication to other staff members throughout New Zealand. Providing them with a peace of mind solution that all their data and email was being backed up every night and that any errors were reported to us.

Cleaning supplies product retailer

This company had a network of random generation computers with very little maintenance of their systems, apart from the occasional upgrade of their accounting software.

Solution: Implement a Windows 2003 Server to allow centralised data backup, increasing the speed of their applications and an audit of their existing computers.

We replaced 4 out of 6 workstations and re-used the best two to save the client money. Migration from their old peer to peer network was seamless because we replaced workstations previous to migration. All data was centralised at this stage which meant little downtime for the client. We also removed and tidied cables and streamlined backup systems.

Small financial advisor company

Their IT company had not touched their Server, although they had been charged a monthly retainer, no work had been completed. This client was referred to us from another long term client.

Solution: Within a 24hour period we had resolved their SPAM and antivirus issues. We increased the speed to all workstations. Instead of costing them approx $3000 + gst (quoted from another I.T company), we charged only a small percentage of this. Not only is the client happy; they now have trust back in their I.T provider.

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