Apple Computers

In the last 2 years XIT IT has taken on the rival of PC – Apple computers, although most I.T companies either service or fix one or the other, here at XIT we do both.

Apple computers have their advantages of providing users with a more simplified user interface than Microsoft Windows. Although most people think that if they have an iPhone – they need an Apple Computer, this is not true.

Your iPhone will plug in and work with a normal PC or laptop, if it’s a Mac or PC – there is no real advantage apart from a personal choice. Each system have their own pro’s and con’s.

Apple computers in no way are immune to viruses and spyware, although there is less malicious code written for Apple than PC as the market volume is far greater for PC.

If your Apple computer is running slow or just needs a tickle up – bring it in to us and we can recommend any upgrade paths if required.

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